Hallam Shodokan Aikido

About Us

The style we practice is Shodokan Aikido which is a competitive Japanese martial art that uses throws, joint locks and breakfalls. The focus is on technique, not strength, and these techniques learnt in training can be applied in competition and in real life situations such as knife attacks, strangles and bear hugs.

There are various women only sessions throughout the year to help women in aikido gain confidence in their own abilities and have fun in the process!

There are many chances to compete nationally and internationally throughout the year, for all abilities and grades. We compete with various katas and randori. Randori is a type of free play where you have to avoid a fake knife called a tanto, and try to get techniques on the opposition for points. The person with the tanto has to try to strike you for points, and avoid letting you get a technique on them.

We train with and are coached by Scott Allbright a 6th Dan former World Champion at his dojo in the city centre.

Sheffield Hallam Aikido Team includes both the Male and Female British Student Champions. 

Members of the Sheffield Hallam Aikido Club were selected to represent the UK Team at the World Championships in 2011 (London), 2013 (Japan), and 2015 (Australia).

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