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Kangeiko Winter Training

21st Feb - 27th Feb 2016

Winter training is back for a 10th year!

Every year we push ourselves to train for 24 hours (or more) over the Kangeiko week. We hope as many people as possible can join us in celebrating this tremendous dojo milestone!

Kangeiko will take place from Sunday 21st – Saturday 27th February 2016 with sessions available morning, lunchtime, and evenings on weekdays. Can you manage 24 hours training in one week?

As part of this year’s Kangeiko we are introducing a “Bring Someone New” offer:

– If you are a member of the City Club the cost of training for the whole event is £25 individually. However, bring someone new with you and the cost for both of you is £40. That’s a saving of £5 each! Enough for a pint and a pa...cket of crisps :)

– If you are a Student/Concession member then the individual cost is £15. Bring someone new and the cost for both of you is £25.

Click on the timetable posted below to see what hours are available across the week. Try and train for all the available hours to earn serious bragging rights!

And after a hard weeks training….we party!

Aikido Marathon - 7/11/15

The time has come!

The Aikido marathon is an annual event where we train for a solid 14 hours* from 7am to 9pm. We cover the whole syllabus from beginner to dan grade, and throw in some weapons work because weapons are fun.

*Okay, with a five minute break every hour...

After training we will, of course, be going to eat, venue TBA.

14 hours is a long time, and you need to keep yourself well fuelled. Snacks like flapjacks/dried fruit and nuts/ jaffa cakes/ bananas always go down well, and for drinks would recommend something with sugar/electrolytes as well as just water. Green tea also good.

Cost is £20 (students), but if you raise £5 or more for our chosen charity you get £5 deducted from that cost.

It may sound like a challenge to complete the whole thing, and it is, but we're all in the same boat, and complete beginners manage all fourteen hours every year (including a few of this years committee). If it really is too much, you can come and train for as much as you can manage, but the longer you stay, the more you learn.

World Championships 2015

Congratulations to SAUK national team members Maggy, Gemma and Louise who have just won silver at the world championships in Australia in August 2015! Maggy, Gemma and Louise are past students of Hallam University and Gemma is the current Captain of the Hallam Students Aikido Society. Well done guys!

News from 2012

Shodokan Open Competition

August 8, 2012

We’re back from the Open competition in Dartford, and we came back with medals! :D

Aikidokas from all of the UK came to compete, and it was not easy, but thanks to our hard training we managed to go really far!

The structure of competition was: first katas- which we do in pairs, Danny paired with Shinobu won bronze for his randori no kata, and Maggie paired with James won silver and Gold for tanto randori no kata and Goshino kata.

Then we had randori/ free play part of competition where Maggie got gold medal for females individual randori as well as for team randori, where she was teamed up with  Joe and James.

So it went quite well! Best competition so far! 


Official reopening ceremony of the Kyogikan Dojo

April 24, 2012
Saturday 12th May, 2-5pm;

Location map: http://tinyurl.com/SheffieldDojo

The club was founded in 1991 by then Sheffield University student Scott Allbright who went on to win the Aikido World Championships in 1995 in the USA.

We will host official reopening ceremony to celebrate the end of the refurbishment work and officially reopen the dojo on Saturday 12th May (2-5pm).

The official ceremony itself will be at 4pm, but we will start with free 20-minute taster sessions from 2pm; these will a...

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Student National Competitions

March 14, 2012
On 10-11 March  students from all parts of the UK came to take part in aikido competitions that this year were hosted by Nottingham club. It all went really well and everyone competed brilliantly. Our Hallam Club won gold medal for randorino kata- done by Danny and Oktawia. Also Danny got to semi finals in men's shiai. Congratulations to Ahmed for competing for the first time! Finally for the first time we had our own referee to be involved in the competitions. 

Well done everyone!
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February 9, 2012
Aikido 24/7 challenge!  Our annual Kangeiko training will start on Sunday 12 February at 12 o'clock. It will be up to you how much you want to train but our goal is to do a minimum of 24 hours in one week! If you to all the 24 hours with all morning sessions you will earn yourself a free Aikido T-shirt! We will be training 3 times a day- morning, noon and evening. We will finish on Saturday 18th Feb 5pm and then heading off for a well-deserved international cook together feast. 
The cost is ju...

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Aikido Fitness Challenge for Women

January 15, 2012

Shodokan Aikido Introduction Course for Women

Four session fitness course for only £10, starting Sunday 29th January.

This course is designed to give you a taster of what the sport of aikido is all about with an emphasis on the fitness side of it.

Each session will focus on a different aspect of aikido, and will start with a warm up and finish with a series of stretches

Day 1 - Sunday 29/01/12 (3:00 to 4:00 pm): Running (Bring your running shoes!)
Day 2 - Tuesday 31/01/12 (5.15 to 6.15pm): Circui...

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Christmas Training

December 16, 2011
On Wednesday 15th December our dojo has hosted a special Christmas training2 hours of the most fun aikido training of the year! What is so special about it? - During the session everyone has to wear a santa hat and if you loose it at any point you are going to get a punishment in form of some hard exercise..  Other than that we were split into teams that were competing against each other doing some fun, cool and weird exercises. Afterwards we went to Varsity for a buffet and then Xmas award...

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Kyogikan Aikido Marathon

November 15, 2011
On 12th November we had our annual Kyogikan Aikido Marathon, which is a challenge to try complete 14 hours of training in just one day. It starts at 7am and finished at 9pm, followed by  restaurant and then pub. This year we had other clubs such as Nottingham and Leeds joining us for this event, everyone did brilliantly! Special well done to Catherine, Danny and Maggie from our club who managed to complete all 14 hours! Well done!

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9th International Aikido Tournament

August 24, 2011

9th International Aikido Tournament was hosted by The British Aikido Association in London on Thursday 11th- Sunday 14th August 2011.There were over 300 competitors taking part in the event. They came from all over the world including Japan, USA, Russia, Georgia, Australia, Belgium and Ireland.

2 teams of 10 were preparing for this event under our instructor Scott. In order to participate in the competition they had to undertake fitness tests and attend squad trainings every last Saturda...

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Shodokan Opens

July 18, 2011
Great news: we had our two members going as part of Sheffield Aikido Club to Shodokan Open competition on 16th July to Dartford. And both of them came back to Sheffield with medals :D
Jovian received Silver Medal in Nagano Kata and Maggie working with Celine won Gold in Goshino kata and Silver in Tanto Randorino kata; as well as Gold in Team randori ( Team Sheffield 2: Richard, Vincent and Maggie); and Bronze in Randori Womens Individuals Dan grade
And finaly: our Sheffield Aikido club altogeth...
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Holiday timetable

June 20, 2011
A reminder that the summer holiday timetable is due to start from today onwards. The changes are as follows:  Tuesday session will be from 6:30 till 8:30 and on Friday there won't be a separate session for students from 5 till 6.30pm (just a session from  6:30- 8.00), Also there will not be a Sunday session during the holiday. The rest of the sessions will remain the same.

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